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GrooveMixer Pro – Beat Studio

5.99 usd

GrooveMixer Pro is the real-time music beat sequencer for composing music grooves on yourAndroid. GrooveMixer Pro is ad-free version of GrooveMixer app.To try FREE demo pleasego to this link: handy drum machine includes pattern sequencer, 8-channel step sequencer, pattern/channelmixer, sample list with file manager for importing WAV, AIFF, DS, OGG or FLAC sounds from your sdcard.GrooveMixer Pro is the great solution for music composers to make trap, hip hop, house, dubstep, RnBand other music tracks. This beat maker was created for mobile musicians wanted to sketch theirmusic rhythm ideas everywhere.Product features:• Drum machine with 256 patterns• Volume mixer with monosolo buttons• Stereo mode supported• Step sequencer with 8 channels• Piano roll mode to pitch instruments• Beats per minute (BPM): 20-400• Friendly and easy-to-use interface• Save and load your groove beats• Export sound beats to audio WAV, AIF, DS, OGG, FLAC files• Sample preview before using in app• Samples are loaded from SDCARD• Classic TR-808, TR-909 and Linn drum kits• Unlimited song length• Support various time signatures• Built-in zip extractor to install downloaded sample packs• DrumSynth files can be importedFriendly and well designed user interface works good on small and large screens. This music creation tool works without any restrictions.
Look our demos (songs/tracks) or read tutorials on site.GrooveMixer Pro is developed by Sergey Nikitin (Flexbyte Software) and published by TechnologyImproves the World Ltd under license agreement.